SPORTS TOTO: PETALING JAYA- Sports Toto gives out more than RM37m jackpot in November

PETALING JAYA: November must be a very auspicious month for 17 lucky winners who walked away with more than RM37 million Sports Toto jackpot.

A lucky Sabahan won the RM17.6 million Toto 4D Jackpot 1 on Nov 24 by betting on a good friend’s birthday and phone number.

The 68-year-old retiree said he has been playing Sports Toto games for decades and the largest amount he had won in the past was only RM50,000.

“I bet on every draw without fail and I always bet on different numbers.

“I got my pair of winning numbers – ‘1223 & 7507’ from a good friend’s birthday and phone number and I don’t think that she knows that I have won the jackpot,” he said.

The winner said he was alerted by his daughter who first found out about the good news on Sunday night.

“I have worked hard my whole life and finally it’s time for me to relax and enjoy,” he told Sports Toto when collecting the winnings with his daughter.

The winner said he would share the winnings with his family and use part of the prize money to buy some properties.

He spent RM12 on a System 4 ticket to win a whopping RM17,579,915.30 and an additional RM672 for buying the System Play method.

There are also two winners from Kedah and Selangor who bought the i-System 36 tickets and shared part of the total jackpot of RM19,589,048.30. They walked away with RM1,004,566.50 and an additional RM652.80 each.

On Nov 13, a total of 14 lucky winners shared part of the RM30 million Toto 4D Jackpot 1 amounting to over RM17 million by only betting on the i-System playing method.

Sports Toto recorded two winners from Sabah and Selangor who won RM6,016,782.05 each, a winner from Negri Sembilan who won RM3,166,727.20 and one from Johor who won RM573,026.60 as well as 10 other winners from Kuala Lumpur who won RM167,598.40 each from the total jackpot.

Toto 4D Jackpot’s i-System playing method allows a player to bet up to 20 sets of numbers (excluding Permutation and Roll) at a cheaper cost with higher winning chances.

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