BREAKING NEWS: PNP Chief General Arnold Gamboa’s helicopter crashlanded in San Pedro, Laguna

Wreckage of the helicopter carrying PNP chief Gen. Archie Gamboa which crashed in San Pedro City, Laguna (photos courtesy of Roselle Aquino)


On a mission, PNP Chief Gen Arnold Gamboa was conscious when rescue men carried him out of the half broken PNP helicopter.

Concern with his men who crushed with him, his first words were about the safety of his group.

Rescue peple brought him to  West lake Medical Center. Later, he was transferred to the St.Luke’s Medical Center, BGC, Taquig City.

PNP Chief Gen. Gamboa’s helicopter was about to take of when its crashed landed in San Pedro, Laguna. All his co passenger are all safe.



Gamboa and his companions have already been rushed to hospital.

Gamboa was conscious when pulled out of the wreckage, based on initial reports.

He was taken to the West Lake Medical Center in this city.


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He suffered a minor injury on his right shoulder, Lt. Col. Serafin Petalio, provincial director of the Laguna police, said in an interview with reporters.

Gamboa was on his way to Camp Vicente Lim in Calamba, Laguna when the mishap happened.

The helicopter was carrying eight individuals, including Gamboa and the pilot.

Petalio, however, said he has yet to confirm the number of injured passengers.

Petalio said the helicopter carrying Gamboa tried to take off at a dusty portion of the area, which affected visibility.

The helicopter got in contact with a live wire before the mishap.

“They (Gamboa and companions) were supposed to fly on a chopper. We left ahead and was wondering why no chopper took off,” said Lt. Col Chitadel Gaoiran of the Laguna police in a phone interview.

“Nakontrol naman ng piloto kasi kung hindi nakontrol ‘yun dun sila sa bangin doon (The pilot was able to control the helicopter. If he was not able to control it would have fell on a cliff),” said Petalio.

San Antonio village chief Eugenio Ynion, in a phone interview, said the accident happened before 9 a.m. as the police official’s chopper attempted to take off.

“The chopper was torched,” he added.

Ynion said the fenced Laperal compound, a private lot, is wired off since the property is the subject of an ongoing property dispute.

“I have been warning the police not to land choppers in there because the area is surrounded by wires,” Ynion said.

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