CHESS: MANILA- Grandmaster Sadorra talks about the Indios Bravos and their Indonesian import

GM Ino Sadorra




MANILA, Philippines – The Manila Indios Bravos split their matches last Saturday, May 29. It began with a huge 13-8 win over top-rated Caloocan, but the night ended on a downer with a close 12-9 loss to division leader, San Juan.

Tired because the time difference as he lives in the United States of America, the Indios Bravos’ Grandmaster Ino Sadorra still managed a smile. This after putting their child to bed.

“It’s all part of my routine,” he offered.


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The 34-year-old chess Grandmaster juggles his duties at home in New York while teaching his wards at Hunter College and while also playing (when he can as an alternate now on Manila’s Board 1).

“It is going to get a little more difficult,” he reasoned. “Classes in America will soon shift from online learning and back to face-to-face.”

While he welcomes that because it is far easier to teach chess to his school team, it will be more exhausting because now you have to factor in a bit of travel and the nuances of school life.

But make no mistake. This has not dampened Sadorra’s thirst for the game and especially in leading the Indios Bravos to the Wesley So Cup title.

“Hungrier kami ngayon,” he said. “This conference, it is our desire to reach the finals. That is the minimum. There is absolutely no question about the focus and desire of our team and that includes myself. We just have to make sure everyone is healthy.”

Add to that the incentive of playing foreign chess players in the Wesley So Cup, it’s an even bigger challenge.

Sadorra knows all about not taking things for granted.

He has seen his ratings slip because of inactivity. And when he went to battle, he sometimes lost against even lower-rated players.

“Seeing my ratings fall, I felt bad. But I can blame no one but myself. And I should relearn not to take things and my opponents for granted. But I just need to sort out things so I will be ready.”

Just to illustrate his awareness, Sadorra pointed out that the recruitment of IM Yosef Taher was due to the Indonesian going to battle with his wards in the World University Championships.

“I was impressed because he really gave everyone a hard time,” explained Sadorra. “He was always thinking and keeping everyone off balance with his moves. So that is why we invited him to play for our team. He is a great addition to our team and he brings a positive and happy feeling to our team.”

“IM Yosef used to play in the Indonesian League that I think stopped for the time being. He is just excited for this opportunity to play in PCAP. IM Yosef also sees the support of Super GM Wesley So for this tournament and he is so happy for us.”

Speaking of So, Sadorra bared his happiness with the former’s support for PCAP.

“It is very cool that we have the Wesley So Cup,” he said. “Ang kababata mo and co-competitor who has reached the heights of top level chess and yet, he is still supporting Phil chess… that means a lot. I hope he keeps supporting us kasi kailangan natin ng league na ganito. And now the imports feel and see our chess culture.”

For now, Sadorra hopes the Indios Bravos can go all the way. His team is currently third in the northern standings behind pacesetter San Juan (8-1) and Antipolo (7-2) with a 7-2 record.

“I think with more teams competitive and many talented imports, it will push us, me, and Philippine chess to a higher level.”

“As for me, when I create my new routine, I will be able to go full blast.”


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