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In this file photo taken on October 13, 2009, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen (left) poses with his son Hun Manet during a ceremony at a military base in Phnom Penh. Cambodia’s strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has led the country for more than three decades, on December 2, 2021 backed his eldest son Hun Manet to take over the top job, paving the way for a political dynasty. (AFP/Tang Chhin Sothy)

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Cambodia’s ruling party endorsed the eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen as his successor in a move to establish a political dynasty, state media reported Friday. The Cambodian People’s Party announced the endorsement of Hun Manet after the Central Committee of the party unanimously voted for him as the future prime minister, according to the report.



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But the party did not specify when he will succeed Hun Sen who has ruled the country for more than three decades. Hun Manet, 44, is a top general in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces who graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point. Hun Sen said on Dec. 2 that he wants his eldest son to be the next leader. The 70-year-old prime minister has held the position since 1985 and is known as the world’s longest-serving prime minister.   TOPICS : Cambodia Hun-Sen succession ASEAN democracy

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