PRESIDENT Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Friday urged the public to stay united regardless of their faith as he joined the Filipino Muslim community in celebrating Eid’l Fitr or the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

In his Eid’l Fitr message, Marcos enjoined Muslim Filipinos to “sustain the values, teachings, and practices” learned during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Let these form the foundations of your characters as you continue to fulfill righteous deeds and strive to live a virtuous life moving forward,” he said.

The President said that Eid’l Fitr “reflects how Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful, rewards those who have demonstrated steadfastness in the midst of spiritual rejuvenation.”

“Indeed, He fulfills His promise that, for every sacrifice, He will provide relief,” he said.


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