HEADLINE-TRAVEL | Bali lists tourist dos and don’ts

Tourists flock Kuta beach in Bali at sunset on May 31, 2023. (JP/Ni Komang Erviani)



Bali Governor I Wayan Koster announced on Wednesday a set of obligations and prohibitions for tourists in response to increasing cases of delinquent behaviors exhibited by tourists on the resort island.

Koster signed and issued this list of dos and don’ts for tourists on Wednesday through Bali Gubernatorial Circular No. 4/2023 on tourist obligations and prohibitions.

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Obligations making the top of the list include that tourists should respect the sanctity of temples, religious effigies and other sacred religious symbols; wear appropriate clothing at sacred places, tourist attractions and public areas and behave politely in sacred areas, tourist areas, restaurants, shopping areas, highways and other public places.

The governor forbids tourists from, among other things, entering the main part of a temple except for praying; climbing sacred trees and performing actions that desecrate sanctified places and religious symbols.

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Ni Komang Erviani

The Jakarta Post
Denpasar   ●   Sat, June 3 2023


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