HEADLINE: CAMBODIA: Cambodian PM’s youngest brother to become deputy


CAMBODIA: Cambodian PM’s youngest brother to become deputy

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Six months after becoming Cambodia’s new prime minister, the eldest son of the country’s long-serving autocratic leader on Wednesday won approval from lawmakers to have his youngest brother take the post of deputy premier. The development is the latest in a generational
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MYANMAR: Civilians fleeing violence in upper Myanmar flock to Mandalay

Already forced out of their homes, displaced people have to contend with new hardships where they settle, such as dishonest real estate brokers, soaring rents and prices, and targeted harassment from soldiers

IDPs from Khin-U township seen on October 17, 2022 (Moe Oo/ Myanmar Now)

Soldiers, police, and junta-appointed administrators raided a village at the foot of Mandalay Hill on February 4, taking many of the displaced people sheltering there into custody.

Although they let a few of these internally displaced persons (IDPs) go after they paid a fine, more than 30 are still detained.

According to one displaced man staying in Mandalay, the regime has begun targeting IDPs with the intention to recruit them forcibly into the army.

“We have to worry constantly about when they might knock on our doors and take us away by force,” the displaced man said.

IDPs from all over the country began moving to Mandalay en masse in 2023, most fleeing areas with intense fighting in northern Shan State and Sagaing Region, with some also coming from nearby areas such as Mandalay Region’s Madaya Township, according to locals, landlords, and real estate professionals. . .


SINGAPORE: Retired Singaporean prison officer jailed three years for soliciting bribes from inmate

Kobi Krishna Ayavoo. PHOTO: ST

ANN/STRAITS TIMES – A retired prison officer in Singapore, who tried but failed to obtain bribes totalling SGD133,000 from an inmate, was sentenced to three years and two weeks’ jail yesterday.

In November 2023, District Judge John Ng had after a trial convicted former senior chief warder Kobi Krishna Ayavoo, 57, of eight charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The judge also found him guilty of two charges under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act, as Kobi had instigated two of his then colleagues to gain unauthorised access to their workplace computer platform – the Prisons Operations and Rehabilitation System (PORTS) – in July 2017.

PORTS contains confidential information such as inmates’ identification card numbers.

Kobi, who was suspended from work from July 2017, retired in December 2022.

In the graft-related offences, Kobi had attempted to obtain the monies from Chong Keng Chye, then 48, who was behind bars at the time for one of the worst child abuse cases in Singapore.

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