LETTERS-VOX POPULI: PEOPLE POWER – People power ensured justice for maid By Yhto Nainif Bangi For The Sun Daily

People power ensured justice for maid

DATIN jailed 8 years” (Front page, March 30) refers.

Judicial Commissioner Datuk Seri Tun Abd Majid Hamzah was quoted to have said, “… the lower court has wrongly exercised its discretion in imposing the bond. The court’s order does not reflect the seriousness of this offence”.

Wrong! If not for the online petition that garnered a whopping 70,000 signatures, neither he nor the courts would have given two hoots about the case.

It was “people power” that has brought justice to the abused maid. Least of all the judicial commissioner who appears to be attempting to take credit for the accomplishments of others.

As for the eight years meted out, it’s still not justified as the perpetrator has virtually destroyed a life and hence should be sent to the gallows, if not 20 years and a whipping.

How is she any different from a drug-trafficker who also destroys lives?

Yhto Nainif

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