PROPERTY: Feng shui: Stairway rules for balance energy

Its best to keep the staircase as it is especially if its is made of wood.










Hang a crystal between the staircase and the front door they are too close to each other.


In the early days, a staircase was just a set of stairs for       residents to move up and down the house.

In the modern world, people will consult their Feng Shui masters or experts to determine the best type of staircase, in terms of shape and size, the material to use and the right colour to bring peace and harmony in the home.

If placed properly, staircases can help the energy in the house, known as qi, circulate or move up and down easily and smoothly.

If the staircase is not built and placed well, problems may arise and could harm the occupants in the property as it inhibits the proper flow of energy throughout the home.



















In modern world, people will consult Feng Shui Masters or experts to determine the best staircase to use.



1.Staircases should be complete and always have risers (backing). Those on the second floor could suffer from low energy if there are no risers.

2.Stairs should not end at a door, be it the front door or bedroom door as it creates poison arrows, or killing qi. It is worst if the staircase stops at a bedroom door. It can cause energy to drain away from persons who sleep in the bedroom.

They will also have financial and health problems related to low energy, such as low thyroid hormone or depression. Hang a small mirror at the back of the door to reflect the energy back up the stairs.

If your staircase stops at the front door, place a bright light there or hang a crystal between the stairs and the door. Do this to prevent loss of wealth and to overcome health issues such as neck and head problems.


3.Curved staircases are best when it comes to shape.

4.Location of the staircase is important. Problems can occur if it is located in the centre of the house. It will create loss of wealth and problems for all residents. Staircases located on the side of the home are preferable.

5.Some homeowners like to adorn their staircase with a carpet. If you choose to do so, avoid red carpets as they resemble blood flowing down. Best to keep it natural especially if your staircase is made from wood.

6.If your staircase has space underneath it, avoid placing a fountain or an aquarium there as it is not good for children. However, don’t leave it empty either. It is good Feng Shui to use the space under a staircase for storage (preferably for Feng Shui-related items) or to keep an altar.

Curved staircases are best when it comes to shape.

7.Don’t build a bathroom underneath a staircase, especially one that is located in the centre of a house, as it could drain wealth away.

8.The staircase should be next to a wall if possible, and avoid putting a window next to it. If your staircase points towards a window or ends at a window, you’re probably losing valuable energy. If there is already a window there, you can block it by installing a shutter.

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