ASEANews HEADLINE-EDUCATION: VIENTIANE – More effort needed to raise standard of education: PM

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has called for education administrators to do more to improve the standard of education to meet the country’s development needs.

The premier made the comment in advance of the new academic year, which begins this month.
However, a number of schools across the country will be unable to open today as scheduled after being severely damaged by flooding, with this year’s floods the worst in decades.

Mr Thongloun pledged that the government would do its utmost to repair and rebuild damaged schools and provide teaching and learning materials so that classes could begin as soon as possible.

He called for all state and private organisations to extend cooperation, support and assistance to enable the new academic year to get under way in the shortest possible time.

He outlined five points urging all sectors to devise ways to improve education.
Firstly, education administrators need to take on more responsibility in their assigned areas and strictly comply with the laws and regulations on education.  Administrators must forge ahead with the development of their educational institutions so they meet the required standards, while preventing and addressing any untoward issues.

Secondly, all teachers need to work harder to fulfill their mandates with integrity and strictly apply their code of ethics. They must do all they can to update their professional knowledge and teaching methods in line with the rapid development of new technologies so they are able to pass on their knowledge to their students as effectively as possible.

Thirdly, parents are required to encourage their school-aged children to enroll in schools and other educational institutions as well as teach them the importance of education.

Fourthly, students need to pay greater attention to their lessons as well as learning independently outside of school in order to advance their knowledge and competency and be good sons, daughters and citizens.

Lastly, all segments of society, including Party and state organisations as well as mass organisations and communities need to contribute to training and creating an environment that is conducive to learning by the younger generation.

Mr Thongloun praised education administrators for the achievements they had made in recent years, contributing to the improvement of the quality of education and boosting the number of graduates and school attendance.

In particular, the number of children dropping classes in the first year of primary school had decreased and the rate of school attendance among five-year-olds had increased.

Bu there were concerns that poverty, which remains unaddressed in many districts across the country, would hinder the development of education and prevent impoverished school-aged children from enrolling in school.

In June, the National Assembly asked the government to invest more in poverty reduction programmes after learning that many school-aged children abandoned their education because of poverty.

Observers noted that such concerns are growing, especially this year as the country is being hit by severe flooding, which further impoverishes thousands of families.

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