POINT OF VIEW (News2Views) : DFA Sec. Teddy ‘Bear’ Locsin natakot ma-cancel US Visa, bumaliktad sa issue ng VFA?

By “Joe” Gibana

PHIL-USA VFA AGREEMENT: Philippine official defends US pact after Duterte threat

Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Locsin Jr. gestures during a senate hearing in Manila, Philippines on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020. The Philippine foreign secretary warned Thursday that abrogating a security accord with Washington would undermine his country's security and foster aggression in the disputed South China Sea. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

[ News2Views ] DFA  Sec. Locsin Natakot ma-cancel US Visa, bumaliktad sa issue ng VFA?. Trying to hide his true color- TUTA NG USA — but failed by VFA Issue, trying to swallow the BITTER MEDICINE called DIGONG?



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