SCI-TECH MEDICINE: Not enough studies to conclude hot weather kills Covid-19: Dr Amalina

PETALING JAYA: A study done by researchers from Yat-Sen University in China suggested that warm weather would slow down the spread of Covid-19, but Dr Amalina Bakri (pix) has stated that this study is not peer-reviewed.

Referring to studies done by Harvard researchers, Amalina pointed out that “transmission and rapid growth was possible in a range of humidity conditions from cold and dry provinces in China to tropical locations.”


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One of the Harvard researchers, Mark Lipsitch also said that, “For the novel coronavirus COVID-19, we have reason to expect that like other betacoronaviruses, it may transmit somewhat more efficiently in winter than summer, though we don’t know the mechanism(s) responsible. The size of the change is expected to be modest, and not enough to stop transmission on its own.”

These studies were all included in Amalina’s blogpost, where she tried to debunk Prof Dr Norayati Abd Majid’s claim on TV3 that heat kills Covid-19. Citing the spread of MERS (another form of Coronavirus), she stated that a London study claimed that the virus in the Middle East managed to spread despite high temperature seasons.”

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